Christmas Tickets on sale 1st August

Dear Friends of West Lodge Farm,

An Immersive Magical Christmas Journey awaits you at West Lodge Farm! The Christmas Experience at is a festive adventure for all the family and we can’t wait to welcome you all!

  •  Collect your Christmas Passport on arrival and let the magic begin!
  •  Pop on your very own magical 3D glasses and walk through Christmas Wood, visiting the Elves Village along the way. Upon entering The Christmas Village Santa’s chief helper will be waiting to greet you!
  • First stop is Rudolph’s Reindeer Station which will be filled with all the magical ingredients to make that perfect pouch of reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve. 
  •  Next, you’ll be guided to the Entertaining Elf School where one of Santa’s Elves will give you a lesson on how to be the perfect Christmas Elf – upon graduating you’ll receive your very own Elf Hat!
  • Your journey then takes you to the Elves Post Office, where you can write your letter to Father Christmas and post it by Special Delivery in the North Pole Post Box.
  • And now for the real magic… A Visit with Father Christmas in his enchanting grotto where he will mention all of your children by name and talk to them about how good they’ve been and the Magic of Christmas! Father Christmas will also give them a Christmas Token to spend in the Elves Toy Shop.
  • After a photograph with Father Christmas you will then be invited to the Elves Toy Shop where children can choose their gift and grown ups will receive a cup of Christmas Cheer and a mince pie! We will have a photography company taking photographs however we do welcome you to take your own photographs (Covid restrictions permitting) 

And if all of the above wasn’t enough we have loads more things for you to do and take part in to ensure you have a full day out with us!

  • The Live Nativity Play with farmyard animals!  –A tableaux of the Nativity scene with the Christmas Story being narrated, audience participation from children and adults is welcomed!
  • Free access to the heated indoor adventure barn. (Sessions will be bookable on arrival and are subject to availability)
  • Animal Petting Sessions
  • Sheep Racing
  • Den Making
  • Brand New Outdoor Adventure Play Area
  • Sheep Racing
  • 100’s of animals to view and feed
  • Free Parking
  • Licensed Restaurant and Festive food.

2020 Vision

Well, since the last blog, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. We’ve had the wettest winter on record and very sadly, we’ve lost the farm parks patriarch, and my father, Tony. Dad had taken more  of a back seat on the farm park in the last few years due to his stroke however he still liked to keep abreast of what developments we were making. 

After posting my previous blog and Wilding wishes for the farm, I received a number of comments from my various members of the family;  Daughter: “Dad, ave you gone vegan”?  Brother: “Ed, are you a member of extinction rebellion”? And most ominously a text from my father saying “Ed we need to talk about wilding.” 

When my father said ‘talk’, it didn’t usually mean a conversation, more a composed lecture of his concerns with my decisions. And dad was concerned. As I mentioned in the last blog he had strived all through his life to make what was seen by many as an unfertile piece of land, to one that was productive and provide an income able to support a family. He was extremely successful at fulfilling his goals and he was concerned that all the work he had done in clearing and reclaiming the land was about to be undone by his youngest son!

Fortunately, I was able to convince him that not all the land he had converted to cropping was to be reverted back to nature, but a great deal of it was and that this was the best thing for the farm and really importantly it was going to be great for the land and environment.

There are many reasons which will come apparent in future blogs, but safe to say they mainly hinged on sustainability both environmentally (which I’m not sure gained much weight with him) but also commercially, which did, and I’m just glad to this day that he was contented by my reasoning.

Since the last blog we have had all of the cattle tested for TB and thankfully they were all clear. The coming weeks will be spent putting all of the cattle and sheep outside and bringing in the remaining pregnant ewes for lambing. We continue bottle feeding our cade lambs with myself, James and Ryan taking turns to do the night shift.

I hope to write the next blog sooner rather than later – keep popping back to the website or checking our facebook page for updates